Why do I feel like I’m being conned?

April 19, 2020

I keep seeing these gaping holes in the continuing argument that we should be locked down ‘for our own safety’.

For instance, what a coincidence that the man who owns many of the media organizations beating up the hysteria (Jeff Bezos), just got $42 billion dollars richer as a result of the lockdowns?

Why is there a need to exaggerate the deaths? Why not be accurate, instead of including ‘all suspected deaths’ even if they haven’t tested positive for COVID-19?

Why suddenly can’t we risk lives to ‘preserve our way of life’ when we’ll send young men and women to war for exactly this reason at the drop of a hat?

Toilet paper fight in Australia

Coincidence? While the NY Times and Washington Post push the panic narrative, the owner gets $42 billion richer as a result of the lockdowns.

This week I saw a story that stopped me in my tracks. Not only was it almost too horrible to contemplate, but it also summed up everything that is wrong with this scare campaign we’ve been caught up in and the stop-the-virus-at-all-costs approach governments around the world have taken.

Well, now we’re seeing some of the costs. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) in the United States, reports a sharp increase in minors reporting sexual violence, since March. coinciding with the period in which most state governments implemented shelter-in-place measures.

Of course. How could this not happen? Children who had previously been able to escape abusive parents and older siblings, are now locked up with them, 24/7. They now no longer have access to adults they could have confided in like school counselors. The lucky ones will be able to reach out for help, through the internet or by phone.

We’re going to see a big increase in suicides when those who are not so lucky seek their only means of escape.

But the lives of these kids were just one of the costs that governments around the world felt necessary to pay to stop this particular virus.

Some of the other costs of the lockdown:

  • People in third world countries who are literally starving to death, because the breadwinner has lost his or her income and their governments are not sending them a $1,200 check.
  • Families across the world torn apart because of financial pressure from losing their jobs or losing the business they spent years building up.
  • People of all ages who become depressed from isolation and commit suicide.
    Kids from those broken families ruining their lives through drugs.

You may or may not be sitting out a lockdown in an idyllic situation. I personally live right on the sea and have enough space for my children to spread out. But spare a thought for the slum dwellers across the globe who have been locked down in tiny spaces, in unbearable heat, without electricity.

Those who try and escape the oppressive conditions and cool down by swimming in a waterway are beaten or arrested by police. 

What are these sacrifices for?

At the end of the day, we may just find that all the sacrifices we’re making have been to prevent a virus with a mortality rate which is not a lot different from the flu.

This is not my assumption, this is the data that keeps coming up in studies. (of course, it is buried by the mainstream media, because it doesn’t fit the narrative) But take a look for yourself https://reason.com/2020/04/17/covid-19-lethality-not-much-different-than-flu-says-new-study/

When we dust ourselves off after this man-made crisis and try and piece our lives back together, one thing I will guarantee – Those businesses that Amazon took market share from during the crisis will not come back.

The world’s richest man will continue to enjoy an increase of wealth and nobody will be held accountable, least of all the journalists who exaggerated the facts and whooped everybody into a frenzy or the editors who instructed them to do it.

In India, while 300 people have died from COVID-19, another 200 have died from the effects of the lockdown.

  • At least seven people were killed in violent crimes, such as people turning into vigilantes and attacking others for violating the lockdown.
  • At least 35 migrant workers were accidentally run over while trying to get back to their hometowns.
  • At least 40 people have died or committed suicide because alcohol was cut off as it was not considered an essential commodity.
  • Another 39 people have committed suicide because they feared getting the coronavirus infection, thanks to the panic created by the lockdown, or because of loneliness or being quarantined.
  • Yet another 21 deaths were caused for miscellaneous reasons.

More than 300 Indians have died of the coronavirus, and nearly 200 of the lockdown


IMPORTANT: Do not take this article as advice on what to do about the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. I am merely voicing an opinion on individuals behaving like sheep. Please read a range of views about the current situation, form your own opinion and seek guidance from health experts you trust.


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