Why are Outlaws Becoming More Political?

Outlaws in politics

October 6, 2020

Outlaws have traditionally stayed out of politics, we’re usually just happy to be away from all the bullshit..

Perhaps the exception was when the Hells Angels roughed up a few of the protestors in California back in the Vietnam war days. They were protesting against vets and a lot of vets become Outlaws. No other lifestyle makes much sense to men who have been through a shit-fight like Vietnam.

But lately, we’ve become a bit more active and you’ll always see Outlaws supporting the right – ‘Bikers for Trump’, stuff like that. Now if you thought it was because of ignorance, or racism or bigotry, you’re sadly mistaken.

We don’t all support conservative policies either – personally I love the environment, I support indiginous rights and I’m against oil companies being propped up by the taxpayer.

depression due to covid

The people on the street believe they are getting the Scandinavian model of socialism, but with so many Billionaires supporting them, we believe it will look more like the Chinese model.

But when you live outside the Matrix, you have the ability to see what others can’t. And we see a clear and present danger to the thing we value most: Our Freedom.

Let me lay it out for you.

Everything the left is pushing for is leading to a level of government control that will make your head spin.

The kids want socialism. Their leaders are self described ‘trained Marxists’ who believe a Marxist system will result in a fairer distribution of wealth. It sounds like Utopia, especially to the unemployed. Juicy carrots like the ‘guaranteed minimum income’ sound really sweet. Universal healthcare and open borders sound like they’re just the right things to do morally. They give you that warm feeling in your heart. But here’s the problem.

Why are so many billionaires backing this movement? Soros donates huge amounts of money to extreme leftist organizations. Zuckerberg, Bezos, Dorsey and Page control the airwaves, ensuring the left wing message gets out to the voters while the right wing one is throttled down, with just enough getting through to give the illusion of fairness.

Are these billionaires sick of their money?

Do they perhaps feel so guilty about their “white privilege that they want a system that will take most of it away from them? I very much doubt that.

For instance wouldn’t Jeff Bezos be paying Amazon staff a reasonable wage if he truly believed in socialism? He wouldn’t need to wait for it to be forced on him. George Soros, as a hedge fund manager helped bring on a massive economic crisis in South East Asia in 1997. He sold the Thai Baht short and profited on a total collapse of the currency. The ensuing recession resulted in tens of thousands of people losing their jobs, their livelihoods and in some cases even their lives. (Click here to read the full story). But it’s not just the ruthless way these people run their business empires – they live anything but the minimalist lives you’d expect from dedicated socialists.

According to a report published on MSN, Jeff Bezos increased his wealth by a cool $34.6 billion during March, April and May of 2020.

This lavish extravagance runs completely contradictory to the message they support. They are mouthing one thing while their feet move in the opposite direction.

I believe they want socialism all right, but they have a very different version in mind to that of their foot soldiers. The puppet masters are looking for something more like the Chinese model, where the ruling party and their cronies are incredibly wealthy, there is no middle class and the rest of the country is on a guaranteed minimum wage, provided they meet certain requirements. One of those requirements is, of course, that people don’t speak out against the ruling party.

Now by this stage, you may be thinking, “Not another conspiracy theory,” or “Isn’t the communist threat theory a bit dated?”

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Let’s test this theory.
  • Take the COVID-19 Lock-downs. Who is pushing for lengthy lock-downs? Politicians on the left, of course.
  • Health issues aside, what has been the main outcome of these lengthy lock-downs? A reduction of the middle class. Many people who used to be self-sufficient have  lost their businesses and many are now reliant on government handouts.
  • What about the riots? We know these are by leftist extremists because the same billionaire puppet masters donate money for their bail and left wing DAs refuse to lay charges against them.
  • So what have the riots and looting achieved?  Again, a reduction of the middle class. Business owners who’s stores are burned and looted, lose their livelihood and in many cases are not compensated for it.

In both cases, triggers were used that the sheep are known to respond to. Fear was the Catalyst for the COVID-19 crisis and that was easy to whip up. A combination of incentives for hospitals and extremely loose criteria for classifying COVID-19 deaths caused the number of reported deaths to skyrocket. (Click here for Covid reporting criteria.) The media then whipped up the danger at every opportunity, even featuring things like mass graves that have been used for decades in New York as if they were the result of COVID-19.

The riots were equally easy to trigger – A black death resulting from a cop’s dangerous restraining technique on a suspect with breathing problems caused by high doses of Fetanol, gave the puppet masters their martyr. Pent up frustrations from being locked up for months, combined with the feeling of being persecuted at the highest level made for an explosive situation on the street. Democrat politicians and the media rode it all the way, adding fuel to the fire wherever possible, shifting the blame on the right wherever possible.

I’m not suggesting that either of these events were planned. They were just opportunities that the puppet masters pounced on – in the way hedge fund managers would pounce on a potential currency devaluation. The end justifies the means and the countless people who lose their lives or their livelihoods are just collateral damage.

So Outlaws are active and we stand against the communist threat.

Not because we’re hate groups or bigots or [Insert label here]. Our freedom is being threatened and we will not give it up. Just like the billionaire puppet masters, we understand the ways of the sheep. We can see the direction they are being herded and we are actively fighting this madness.

Fighting is something we are good at.


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