‘Insignia’ by Mike Barker

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A missing girl. A vicious serial killer with an innocent man in his crosshairs. Can an ancient Viking insignia be the key to his salvation?

  • 381 Pages
  • 8-9 hours reading time
  • 103,000 total words
  • Available in Kindle and other formats.
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A missing girl. A vicious serial killer with an innocent man in his crosshairs. Can an ancient Viking insignia be the key to his salvation?

Fifteen years after her disappearance, the insignia Eva wore lies glistening on a remote bush trail, forcing Aedan to relive the trauma of losing her. The grisly discovery of two bodies confirms his worst fears: that a vicious serial killer has come to taunt him and may be the only link to Eva’s disappearance.

As Aedan strives to uncover the truth, he is plunged into the deadly Australian underworld of the drug trade, a dangerous world that tests his every skill. As the clues align, Aedan realizes that Eva could still be alive, or is she reaching out to help him from the grave? Just when all seems lost, the insignia delivers a strange dose of strength, one Aedan suspects will come at a terrible price.

“ Fans of Matthew Reilly will love this fast-action thriller one reader described as “so realistic it took me back to my years in the police force.”

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5 reviews for ‘Insignia’ by Mike Barker

  1. Yvonne Kanocz

    This book pulled me right in. Excellent characters and story. It’s about a guy that thought his girlfriend just walked away from him, when he went to prison. He finds out that’s not what you at all.

  2. Linda Hastings

    This not the kind of book I normally read. Needed a change with the unsettled world. The story contain suspense, violence, fighting between outlaw bikeclubs, a person hired to plant and tend an illegal pot field. Was he dispensable? Ghosts of a murdered friend who was his mentor Even some romance. An accurate description of a brain in extreme pain and confusion as Aaeden wonders who is trying to kill and why.This story was excellently laid out to make you keep turning pages. So many writers when trying to describe nature make it sound like a travel book. Mike put you in the scene and you saw it as he did.Was the book worth reading? YES. Would I recommend it? YES. The ending was unexpected and showed a change in the personality of the lead character.

  3. Adele Embrey


    Insignia An excellent read.
    This book is a great follow up to Darwin. Loved the continuing story. Living in Australia and having visited the Northern Territory Mike’s book was so real. Felt I was there with the characters. Lots of action, it was a feel good book. Highly recommend.

  4. Andrea Wheatley

    This book is a page-turner! The in depth insight into the characters and the unpredictable plot had me glued to the book until I finished reading. I would highly recommend this book and I only wish that as an Aussie living abroad previously for several years, I would have done anything to read a book like this, as it paints a very accurate picture of the Australian bush landscape to the point that you feel like you are actually there. Do yourself a favour and read this awesome Australian thriller!

  5. Tammy Windsor

    A MUST for your TBR list! Fast-paced! Riveting! Exciting! Addictive! Not only is this a very well-written book with wonderfully-interesting characters, but the suspense builds at just the right pace as the story unfolds. It was an artful melding of twisted psychological thrills and nail-biting suspense that kept me guessing the whole way!

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