Like the heart of the wolf, 

the heart of the outlaw can never be tamed


Like the heart of the wolf, the heart of the outlaw can never be tamed

Are you an Outlaw?

Outlaws are free spirits, out of place in normal society. We don’t blindly follow rules we don’t agree with. We do things our way, whether people like it or now. Outlaws see through the facade we’re presented with, through to the alternative agendas and vested interests lurking in the shadows.  We say, “No, I am not performing in your circus!”

If you like the sound of this, welcome to your tribe. Welcome to the home of Free Outlaws.

You’ll find a load of Outlaw gear; clothing that allows you to celebrate your Outlaw and Pagan spirit, handcrafted Outlaw and Viking inspired creations, books featuring Outlaw heroes and profiles of Outlaws; people like you, who are doing their own thing, and doing it their way.

So join with us and celebrate the free, independent outlaw in you!

The wolf is the symbol of Outlaws. Wild and free, fiercely independent and loyal. Though not the mightiest of animals, the wolf does not perform in the circus.





Download the exciting new Novella 'Darwin'


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Download the exciting new Novella 'Darwin'

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'Insignia' a Mystery Thriller with a touch of the supernatural

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Don’t Mess With Outlaw Valkyries!

In Norse mythology, Valkyries are maidens sent by Odin to the battlefield, where they choose which of the slain are worthy of a place in Valhalla.

Today’s Outlaw Valkyrie chooses who is worthy to have a place her life. She is proud, independent and strong. Her path is littered with the empty shells of unworthy men she’s discarded. The narcissists, the abusers, the gaslighters; all condemned to spend their remaining days tormented by unfulfilled desire.

Outlaw Profiles


The preditors picked their target well, a jeepney full of women. One climbed into the front seat, two in the back and they systematically started relieving the passengers of all their jewellery and bags. For any who resisted, there was the threat of death or serious injury. Read more


Elissa is excelling in several male-dominated areas, Heavy Metal, Heavy Lifting and Viking Combat. On the road to achieving her dreams, Elissa had to push through all kinds of resistance on her journey, with very little encouragement.  Read more


Bullying is a real problem in society with many documented cases of suicides as a result of people being bullied. But sometimes, bullying has the opposite effect. It drives a person to fight back, to be stronger than the bullies.  Read more


There have been a huge number of rape-murder cases in Melbourne & she believes women shouldn’t have to walk around scared! She is passionate about teaching free self-defence to girls to empower them to protect themselves against malicious predators or boundary-crossing people. Read more

Coach Rick

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats including that of son, brother, husband, father, and I’m proud of all of them. I’ve been a cook, heavy equipment operator, boxing coach, and now a writer, sharing my life experiences in the hope they are remembered... Read more
Why do I feel like I’m being conned?

Why do I feel like I’m being conned?

I keep seeing these gaping holes in the continuing argument that we should be locked down 'for our own safety'. For instance, what a coincidence that the man who owns many of the media organizations beating up the hysteria (Jeff Bezos), just got $42 billion dollars...

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Is Big Brother using Coronavirus to Tighten the Leash?

Is Big Brother using Coronavirus to Tighten the Leash?

Coronavirus is a dream come true for Governments with a control agenda. Never before in peacetime have we had such stringent controls on our movements. Borders are blocked, airports are closed, checkpoints put up everywhere, curfews in place and all with the willing...

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Coronavirus is the new wolf

Coronavirus is the new wolf

The sheep have spotted a new wolf and they are panicking. I guess it’s predictable, but they never cease to amaze me nonetheless. And while on one level it is entertaining to watch the run on toilet paper in supermarkets, on another level, it is inconvenient for the...

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