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  • My Lifestyle Mug

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  • 2022 FREEDOM RALLY coffee mug

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  • I Stand Against Tyranny – White glossy mug


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  • Sacrifice women’s Racerback Tank

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  • Sacrifice ladies’ fitted t-shirt

  • The OMG Matte Black Magic Mug

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A Murder Mystery unfolds as Cyclone Tracy destroys Australia's northernmost city

Darwin had always attracted mercenaries, missionaries, misfits and people running from the law. They thrived in the chaos that followed Cyclone Tracy.

As Aedan struggles with adolescence and school, he is thrown out of home, a cyclone destroys his city and any resemblance of normal life disappears. He buys a motorbike and is thrust violently into adulthood, in a wild, lawless environment. His girlfriend, Eva attempts to guide him through the obstacles, but Aedan is led into violent crime. When their local dealer is murdered, both Aedan and Eva find themselves in the crosshairs of a vicious killer, who now has them on  his list.

About the Valknut   

The symbol of the Nordic god Odin and it’s significance to Outlaws

The Valknut is a symbol in Nordic mythology. The word originates from Old Norse valr, meaning “slain warriors” and knut, meaning “knot”. Although scholars have varying opinions on the symbol’s meaning,  it is widely believed to be Odin’s insignia and to wear it implies a commitment to following Odin’s path. 

Odin has a legacy of self-sacrifice in Nordic mythology and is associated with powers like wisdom, healing, knowledge and poetry. But he has a darker side, as the god of war, battle, victory, sorcery and death.

As the god of Outlaws and a god who himself has flaws, Odin shows us we can be comfortable with who we are, with our faults. He is lord of Valhalla, where he receives those who die in battle with a hand on their weapon. For this reason, some believe that those who follow Odin’s path will die a violent death, though the belief stems from a willingness of Odin’s followers to die in battle in order to gain entry to Valhalla. This belief contributed to the ferocious reputation of Viking warriors and their success on the battlefield. 

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