Lessons the rioters could learn from ‘Sons of Anarchy’

September 20, 2020

Outlaws live by a code, guided by a moral compass – while those rioting in the name of social justice act in a complete void. 

From my experience, the television series, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is a fairly accurate portrayal of outlaw life. Some things were exaggerated to make good television entertainment, like the body count.

But one thing that underpins the whole show is the moral compass the outlaws have. The code they live by. Sure, it is different to the moral compass that a law abiding citizen would possess, but it is there, nonetheless. For instance, nobody beats up on women and children and they are never targeted to punish somebody who has wronged the club. Families are off-limits, simple as that.

Outlaws know right from wrong. We may choose to do wrong by law, it may be a necessity for club business, but we do it with the knowledge that we could be facing jail time for that act. Sometimes a lengthy sentence.

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Outlaw Bikers are guided by a moral compass. It may not be the same as the one which guides law abiding citizens, but it is a moral compass nonetheless. You will never see them attack the women and kids of a rival who has wronged them for instance.

I never saw any outlaw cry, “how could this happen?” in disbelief when he was arrested. We simply get a good lawyer, make the best of the situation, then shut up and do the time.

Contrast this with the revolutionaries you see on the streets, the left wing BLM and ANTIFA rioters. They are completely stunned when they’re arrested, amazed that they would be facing serious arson charges for instance, for burning a police car or a courthouse. It’s as if this is the first time these people have ever been forced to take responsibility for their actions. But they’re not alone in this – The mainstream media also protest their innocence and blame the police who arrested these idiots for their woes.

Godfather quote

The ANTIFA mugshots tell the story – A mix of smug defiance and total disbelief. After being championed by the mainstream media and politicians on the left, it’s hard to believe that what you’re doing is illegal and fundamentally wrong. Jail is going to teach them the difference between real hardship and the perceived hardship they are fighting so passionately against.

I’ve never seen such a lineup of creeps in my life. Not a single one of them would make it into an Outlaw Biker Club. They seem to be a strange mix of spoiled middle class brats and streetwise predators. The heroes they march for are creeps who get themselves killed during confrontations with police. Rapists, sexual predators, people who think nothing of putting a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman to find out where she keeps her money. It just proves that old saying, “Birds of a feather, stick together.”

Is law enforcement really the enemy?

Outlaw bikers are always at odds with the police. It comes with the turf. Most of us have had a beating at the hands of cops at some time and we know without a doubt that if we are stupid enough to pull a gun or knife on them, they will shoot us. That has nothing to do with the color of our skin, it’s the cops need to survive and there have been 40 of them killed so far this year in the line of duty in the US.

Bikers are profiled, pulled over and harassed more than anybody. More than black people. It’s not prejudice, they know we’re bad guys so they think we might be on our way to do something illegal. Simple as that.

I never knew any Outlaw who deliberately targeted police or even wished them dead. They are just the other team, guys doing their job just as we were.

You can see that portrayed quite accurately in ‘Sons of Anarchy’. Police are killed in the series, but not because they are specifically targeted, but because they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and somebody made a split decision in haste that proved to be a tragic mistake.

The recent random shooting of police in LA is just mind blowing and even more disturbing is the media reaction to it. They have set the bar at an all time low – Somebody walks up and randomly shoots two police officers. Then a crowd of protestors assemble at the hospital, blocking the emergency entrance and shouting “we hope you die!” The media silence on this is basically giving a green light to these mindless morons, telling them that this kind of behavior is okay. That it’s justified in their noble fight against these evil people in uniform.

The root cause of the problem

I think the root of the problem is very simple: Not enough fathers stepped up to the plate and taught their kids right from wrong. Nobody ever held them accountable for anything they did. On the poor side of the tracks, fathers were absent. Many of them didn’t even acknowledge the kids they bred, so those kids grew up with street hoodlums as their role models. On the rich side of the tracks, new age parents practiced “time out” parenting, where kids never experienced any real punishment for their wrongdoings. They never felt anything that etched into their memory, like the sting of a wooden spoon or the back of a hand.

And this brings me to the whole concept of “privilege” they are crying about. They say it is simply based on color. I disagree 100%. Privilege has nothing to do with your color, or the occupation your great, great grandparents had, or whether or not they lived in slavery.

Privilege simply comes from your mother and father teaching you not to be a fucktard. If you had those lessons, chances are you’ll make something of your life. If you didn’t, you’ll be a loser and perpetually blame everybody else for your woes. And you cannot gift somebody out of that condition. They’ll shed money just as quickly as you can shower them with it.

One thing for sure, as these street morons continue to rampage through cities, egged on by the media and liberal politicians, the situation is going to get much worse before it gets better.

It will end very badly, with federal police taking the streets and a lot of bewildered arsonists and rioters in Federal prisons, learning what real suffering is. As they get passed around for sexual pleasure by the hard old lags, they might think back to the good old days when they were free in the evil capitalist American system and wonder, Was it really that bad?

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