Learn Self Defense Against Armed Attackers

The world is becoming a more dangerous place. Radical groups are increasingly embracing violence as an acceptable means to achieve their goals. Politicians are caving to the mob calls to defund the police. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your family. Give them the best chance possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't it be easier just to use my gun?

Sure. There’s no denying that a gun is the most effective defense, if you have one at the moment you are attacked. But you may want to consider this:

  • It needs to be remembered that attacks of this type especially with edged weapons are predominately aggressive ambushes with little or no indication of the imminent threat. Typically you, the victim, are distracted, potentially cornered and the attack will be delivered with extreme aggression and speed at a very close range. Most times the victim of this type of attack has already been stabbed, sometimes multiple times before they realize it.
  • In this situation your reaction time is very limited, you could already be injured and still being stabbed by the attacker, you are losing blood, you will most likely be physically off balance potentially falling as you move back to escape from your attacker.
  • You will psychologically be off-balance, not capable of fine motor coordination skills as you attempt to control the attackers weapon or if you are armed trying to draw your firearm.
  • There will be times that you won’t have a firearm at the ready, even if your state allows open carry. You may have seen those tests conducted by the Salt Lake City, Utah PD in the early 1980’s on effectively drawing and firing on a knife wielding assailant. If you are practiced and don’t fumble, you still need a minimum of 21 feet to effectively draw and fire on a knife wielding attacker, before he stabs you.
  • You will be fatigued and possibly already injured, you will pass out from blood loss in under a minute if an artery is severed, up to 3 minutes if suffering venal blood loss. As a result the 21 feet rule has been increased to 30 feet by many authorities. By knowing the assault ques, distracting the assailant, how to respond, evade or control the initial attack, will buy you time and could save your life.
  • When using a firearm, even if you are within your rights to shoot an attacker, a politically motivated DA can still have you arrested, turning your life upside down before you are able to have the charges dropped.
  • This course is not stand alone, it is an excellent companion to your weapons training giving you the ability to improve your security awareness, recognize the assault cue and ward off and survive an attack even when you don’t have your weapon handy.
What exactly will I learn?

We will teach you a range of practical defense skills, including:

  • Situational Awareness”, how to recognize the assault cue, read body language and avoid or escape the situation.
  • How to use “Improvised Weapons”, everyday items, in the proper and realistic context to effectively defend yourself, a baseball bat, an umbrella, a crutch, a walking stick, a rolled up magazine, a bunch of keys or a steel barrel pen, anything that gives you an advantage, increases distance between you and the attacker and disables the attacker.
  • How to react fast, your response speed is essential. You need to understand how your body and your mind will respond in this type of situation then train to improve that response time.
  • How to disable, disarm and control an attacker, neutralizing them and their attack.
  • How to avoid being seriously injured in an edged weapon attack and if stabbed how to manage the injury and continue to fight for your life.
  • How to disarm people threatening you with firearms and other weapons at close range.
  • Weapon retention when an attacker is lunging at your defensive weapon to disarm you.
  • The secret to being able to act effectively in a terrifying situation where most people freeze or panic.
  • Legal compliance, what level of force is reasonable and proportionate, authorized, justified and excused by law.
Will knife defense really work against an expert?

It is very hard to defend yourself against an expert with a knife and you always stand a chance of being seriously injured in a knife attack – But consider this:

  • Very few knife attacks are carried out by experts. In fact if you are attacked by an expert, somebody has probably paid to have you killed.
  • You can successfully defend yourself against a street thug, politically motivated activist or other criminal armed with an edged weapon.
  • You can defend yourself against someone attacking you with a knife through jealousy, anger, is drunk, high on drugs and violent and irrational.
  • Rule of thumb, if you see the “Assault Cue” or the knife, you have a good chance of defending against an attack. An expert will never show you the knife or any weapon they would use.
  • At the end of the day, are you going to be any worse off because you took action to improve your knowledge, enhance your awareness, develop your skills and avoid being stabbed?
What is the difference between this and MMA or BJJ?

While MMA, BJJ and other mainstream arts are very effective forms of fighting, they are not designed for specific use against weapons. Our style is.

  • We are teaching a style that is primarily a weapons based style, you learn to fight effectively using weapons then learn to defend against weapons either using a weapon or open hand combatives.
  • All our instructors are skilled in these techniques, have experienced real life situations and have trained law enforcement, military and other individuals for many years.
  • We teach functional and realistic techniques that we know work, we have cut out all impractical, showy type techniques that look great in a demonstration, but do not work in the street fighting for your life.
Is this course backed by any reputable organization?

Yes, our instructors are recognized Grandmasters in the Philippine art of Eskrima, are certified instructors in other multiple martial arts with several having extensive experience in combatives, training military and police. Instructors have practical realistic streetwise experience and are certified by the Combined Martial Arts Association

How long will it take to learn these things?

That’s entirely up to you, but remember, as well as learning physical techniques you need to build required muscle memory, that trained physiological response from your body, you also need to develop the psychological mindset needed to enhance your mental response for your body to react in a certain way in a high stress environment, “when attacked”, your physical and psychological response needs to be instinctive and automated for you to ward off and survive an attack of this type. This takes hours and hours of practice.

So it depends on the number of hours per day, per week, etc. that you are prepared to devote to practice. Remember, Instinctive ability and response is based on repetition, “the mother of skill” which instills an automated response through stimulation of our “middle brain” and “reptilian brain”, the same as required to develop shooting skills. It is recommended that you follow this program and once the course is complete you continue to maintain your practice as you would to maintain you’re shooting skills, all of which are “perishable” and if not practiced have a use by date.
We recommend that you don’t take this course for less than a year and that you continue practicing.

What if I'm too scared to use the defense I learn?

Being attacked is a frightening experience but your initial reaction will have nothing to do with your level of fear. It has everything to do with your training, the built up muscle memory you have developed by reacting to that type of situation in an as realistic training environment as possible over and over. You get out of training what you put into it. Confidence, realism, mental outlook and physical ability.

For example, if you are lost in your thoughts and you look up to see a baseball bat being swung at your head, your primitive brain, your “Reptilian Brain” will take over and you quickly assess your best survival option: fight, flight or freeze. But in the seconds this takes you to process, the bat connects with your skull and you are knocked unconscious.

However if you train for these situations, your brain and your body will respond as it has been trained to, without you making a conscious decision, automated and instinctive, saving you from that initial damage

Can I get a black belt from this course?

 No, this course is designed to provide you with functional and realistic skills to survive real life threats. We are not a McDonald’s style martial arts school. Many of the techniques, skills and knowledge you learn could count towards a black belt if you were to start training in a martial arts school teaching Eskrima or other styles. We have a list of recommended schools throughout the world. You can also choose to travel to one of our CMAA Dojos to train, grade and eventually be ranked in our style once qualified.

Will I need a partner to train with?

By following this course, you will learn to use weapons and open hand combatatives alone however, to learn disarms or defense, it is preferable to work with a partner. If you really have nobody interested in training with you, you can post your details on the message board in the course and possibly find someone to train with.

Can you guarantee that this will work?

Nobody would give you that kind of guarantee, but we can guarantee this: Provided you take this course seriously and successfully complete all the required practice, understand all the information you will be provided, you will have a much better chance of surviving any attack than you would if you do not complete this course.

Can anybody join this course?

Regardless of your background age or sex, this course will give you an advantage when you face an attack.

As you can imagine, we reserve the right to deny access to anybody we determine is not suitable for the course because of their background or their affiliation with terrorist groups or groups who are committing violence on innocent people. We will also not train sex offenders or those who have a record of violence against women and/or children.

We reuire a scanned identification on application for the purpose of verifying that you are not disualified from being accepted to this training.