Is Big Brother using Coronavirus to Tighten the Leash?

March 20, 2020

Coronavirus is a dream come true for Governments with a control agenda.

Never before in peacetime have we had such stringent controls on our movements. Borders are blocked, airports are closed, checkpoints put up everywhere, curfews in place and all with the willing participation of the population.

Is it all necessary? Certainly isolation will slow the spread of Coronavirus and eliminate any spike in admissions that overwhelms hospital facilities. But how much of their freedom are people willing to exchange for this perceived safety? All of it, from what we’ve seen so far.

Toilet paper fight in Australia

That warm fuzzy feeling you got when you saw Ben Franklin’s face could be a thing of the past!

Those with a control agenda have been assisted in all this by the media, who have really whipped the whole thing into a frenzy. Just recently, the New York Times sent out their Coronavirus briefing email with the heading: “No, Covid-19 does not spare the young,” just in case millennials are not yet in a suitable state of panic. The email goes on to say “Worry about complacency, not panic.” This is despite the facts pointing to most of the deaths to be older people and people with existing illnesses. We are treated to desperate pleas from overwhelmed doctors in Italy, where the death toll appears to be 8 or 9%. Worldwide it’s reported at over 4%. Really?

Just stop for a minute and think this through. People who get a dry cough or other Coronavirus symptoms and go to a health clinic or hospital are told they are not qualified to be tested. They are sent home and told to remain in isolation.

So the death toll for the virus is really the percentage of people who are suffering enough to be tested and hospitalized and perhaps those who are close to them. Let’s apply the same methodology to the 2017/18 flu season in the US: 959,000 hospitalizations and 61,099 deaths. Doesn’t that equate to a death rate of over 6%? So why didn’t we shut the world down over that pandemic?

What does this mean for our long-term freedoms?

One of the traits that makes Coronavirus so infectious is its ability to survive on surfaces for days on end. And there is no surface that carries diseases more effectively than cash. Who disinfects their cash? We grab it, put it in our wallet or purse and dish it out, between eating, touching our face and picking our nose.
This is a golden opportunity for governments to eliminate the cash economy completely, with the support of a terrified population who are focused only on staying alive in the short term. Cash has been on the decline anyway. According to the government agency that guarantees the safety of your bank deposits, the FDIC, cash represented just 30% of all payments in 2017. So watch for more moves to make it completely redundant.

Do I really believe this is a well-planned conspiracy?

Not really. It’s just the “perfect storm” for control freaks. A random accumulation of contributing factors:

  • A US media who will push anything that encourages regimen change and see a major crisis is the best chance they have of achieving that.
  • A US government who are locked in a trade war with China and will embrace and promote any major crisis that makes China look bad.
  • Governments across the globe who are keen to take advantage of the crisis and firm up their control of the population.

Go to any social media discussion or forum and you’ll see people screaming at governments to do more, take more control, impose restrictions, impose harsher penalties. Draconian governments can’t lose at the moment, they just have to take the action the population are screaming for them to take. The action the media is telling them that they need.

When Coronavirus is beaten, don’t expect all your freedoms to come straight back. There will be reasons that certain restrictions will have to stay in place – and it will be China’s fault, or Trump’s fault, depending on your political leanings. And those of us who want to bypass the system will be left with no option than to barter goods and services secretly, by the light of the moon.

The statistics used in this story come from the official CDC website:

IMPORTANT: Do not take this article as advice on what to do about the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. I am merely voicing an opinion on authorities using the virus as a reason to misuse their powers and take away your freedoms. Please read a range of views about the current situation, form your own opinion and seek guidance from health experts you trust.


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